Fly To The Sun -
Reviews and Comments from around the world:

“I’ve listened to the new album and I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the songs!  The radio show goes out at CD quality and I would love to promote your music.  You also have a great cast of top quality musicians!!” – Mark Stanton, Progzilla Radio/France

“The album is freakin’ awesome. Everything, the writing, the arranging, the lyrics, the singing, the production, the artwork, the videos are GREAT. I listen to it all the time! So proud of you!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!” – Tom Reinhardt – NY Musician

“Fly To The sun…..hooking the listener on Gregg Bissonette’s infectious grooves which opener “Soaring With Angels” covers with Ray’s welcoming voice, asking “Are you ready?” and replying this rhetorical question by propelling his glimmering lines towards electronica-enhanced dancefloor – only to find six-string riffs and filigree embrace synth-pop’s tasty past in “You’re Free As A Bird” whose romantic fluttering is furthered via Andrew Giddings’ majestic keyboard passages, solemn piano included. But then there’s vibrant balladry of “Learn To Love Again” to introduce drama to the double-tracked, intimate vocals, and the titular cut to feature Ray’s flute – and his conversational tone to go with folk motifs and rock attack of an axe solo – while “Colorado You” flows across a sunny, funk-splashed vista…..yet whereas the idealistic “Taj Mahal” picks up the same pattern in a slightly exotic way, the upbeat finale “Please Save My Heart Again” brings forth tastier harmonies to sign off in an optimism-setting mood, with Joe Deninzon’s violin spicing it up to take higher and higher. Hopefully, this project’s fate won’t be one of Icarus – these flights of fantasy deserve better.” – Let It Rock/Canada

“The new recording opens on the fervent Peter Gabriel-esque Soaring With Angels and the simply gorgeous You’re Free as a Bird and then brings us the impassioned Learn to Love Again, and the groovy, Disco-fueled titular Fly to the Sun. Up next is the mid-tempo funk-pop-rock of Colorado You and the heartfelt Call Me, which are themselves followed by the strident messaging within the flute-hued Taj Mahal, the album coming to a close on the free flowing majesties elegantly sculpted within Please Save My Heart Again.” –

“The music on ‘Fly To The Sun’ are appealing to a wide range of musical tastes, with upbeat musical structure and positive lyrical content.  The overall sound brings to mind ’80s productions from light proggy melodic bands focused on polished arrangements. It’s a very nice listen. Highly Recommended” – 0dayrox online magazine

“Thank you so very much for your album FLY TO THE SUN, I bought the mp3 version and really love it very much. This is beautiful music, profound and full of love, light and hope, so very important for our times. Please send my Hello to your bandmates too, you are all awesome. God bless, thanks and peaceful regards from your new fan from Austria. – Manfred/Austria

“The album is filled with songs that encapsulate love and hope, draw listeners in, feed the soul, and titillate the imagination. The music inspires, creates a sense of peace in the soul, and pulses with love.” – Tommy Acosta/