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March 11, 2024
Fly To The Sun is continuing to get great comments, reviews, and radio play worldwide.  Thank you all for your kind support of our music!

February 8, 2024
“I’ve listened to the new album and I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the songs!  The radio show goes out at CD quality and I would love to promote your music.  You also have a great cast of top quality musicians!!” Mark Stanton, Progzilla Radio/France

November 12, 2023
From Greece: This is one of my favorite band interviews so far because we talk about changing the world and bringing hope to people at this difficult time...

November 7, 2023
NEW!  Fly To The Sun Review

November 6, 2023
Song List/Article published in India: : news

October 22, 2023
Lisa Smith from Big Blend Radio interviews Ray from Fly To The Sun.  Be sure to check out this excellent interview by Lisa.

October 12, 2023
Check out this new video interview with Ray from Fly To The Sun.  Thanks to Kyle Yates from The Vibes Broadcast Network for this great interview!

August 24, 2023
Fly To The Sun has just released a new single, Soaring With Angels, from our upcoming album release. The song is available as a download on iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.  You can find this song on our site’s Store page. Hope you like our new offering!  The full album release is scheduled for October.  More info on that soon so please stay tuned…

July 23, 2023
Fly To The Sun continues to move along, recently adding virtuoso violinist Joe Deninzon to the band.  Joe is also violinist for the great prog rock band, Kansas, and has played with many great artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, The Who, and many others.  He is a very skilled and innovative musician, and his work adds a wonderful new dimension to the album.The project is moving along in a very structured way and is approaching completion.  Ray says, “We want to take our time and make the songs great.  We will release the album when the songs are all ripe.  Green fruit is never good!”  So the band continues to work hard to make these songs something special.  We’ll keep you posted.  Hope you are all having a great summer!

May 14, 2023
The album is now in the home stretch and will be completed and released in the coming months.  We have taken our time with the release because we want this project to be something very special.  We have produced YouTube videos that will be posted, sync licensing proposals, and many exciting things planned for our release.  We will have a new YouTube channel that will be posted here soon.  Thanks for your continued patience in what we feel will be a groundbreaking record album.

February 23, 2023
ROCK magazine, based in Spain has a full page ad for the album in this new issue.  Check it out.  This is a great magazine you might want to consider subscribing to, as well as PROG magazine.  Two outstanding music journals.  ROCK will also be doing a writeup on Fly To The Sun in its next issue!

January 14, 2023
Fly To The Sun is pleased to announce that our inaugural ad for the project is going into the new issue of the prestigious PROG magazine.  The ad  will be placed on the page 1 inside cover, an excellent placement!  It is a full color glossy ad and is sure to be eye catching and impressive to PROG readers around the world.  Here is a picture of the ad itself.

Fly To The Sun ad in PROG magazine

December 2, 2022
We have decided to expand the scope of the project into an album.  We are currently working on additional songs to add to the project, and are very excited about the progress.  We are taking our time to ensure that each song has the uniqueness we are striving to achieve, and yet keeping with the progressive pop/art rock theme of the music.  Thanks for your continued patience on the release.  It will be worth the wait!

June 11, 2022
We wanted to update you on the progress of our album project.  Out of respect for the wonderful people of Ukraine and that region of Europe, we felt this was not a good time to release upbeat music when people were going through such difficult and heartbreaking times.  We will wait till this awful situation resolves before proceeding with the release of the music.  Having said that, we continue to put together the infrastructure for the music and Universe Records label, and are also working on more new, exciting music to fill in the downtime.  We have an excellent song in the works currently that we think has great potential.  We will also consider other songs as time and schedules permit, to expand the scope of the record.

February 12, 2022
Concerning the timing of the release of our album…  We have been very busy setting up an extensive plan for the record, including a publicist for PR, radio, reviews, interviews, etc.  Also, we have made decisions on manufacturing, social media, distribution, video, etc.  Lots to this folks!  But our structured, methodical  plan will result in a great record with interesting and professional aspects, radio airplay, reviews, and corporate licensing (more on that soon).  In the meantime, let’s fly to the sun….spring is coming!  Good luck to you all and please check back soon.

October 21, 2021
Fly To The Sun has been very busy working on the songs for the new album.  We will take our time so the production is something we can all be proud of.  It is sounding great.  Our UK production studio owned by Andrew Giddings has been moving to a new location, so you can imagine moving millions of miles of wire and making sure they are all plugged into the right places!  We will have a further update soon.  Thanks so much for tuning in…

August 5, 2021
The Fly To The Sun project is advancing quickly now.  The website and associated SEO functions have entered a new phase, with new highly-skilled personnel being added to the team to give the website maximum visibility.  The songs are progressing nicely with the hard work of keyboardist/producer Andrew Giddings and guitarist Jennifer Batten adding significant expertise to the songs.  There will also be inroads to corporate agreements for the songs, which will fuel funding for radio promotion and publicity for the songs.  Stay tuned.  A lot happening now…

June 2, 2021
The new album production, “Fly To The Sun”, is progressing well and now in the final mixing stages.  When the mixes are complete, the songs will go on for mastering at the prestigious Sterling Sound studios in Nashville.  Ted Jensen, famous mastering engineer who has worked on some of the biggest albums of all time, will be doing the mastering for the project.  More info on the release of this new album coming soon…

May 3, 2021
Fly To The Sun is proud to announce the upcoming release of a new song by Ray called “Dreams of Love” that Ray has composed and produced for the international Voices of Babylon progressive rock music album to be released in Europe.  This exciting project features progressive rock musicians from all over the world.  Ray’s “Living With The Past” band guitarist, Ron LoCurto, also performs on the song.   Ray, composed the lyrics and melodies, plays flute, and sings on the production.

Ray is honored to be involved in this great new worldwide prog rock project.  More info on the album’s release coming soon…